Father’s Day gift ideas

Published June 11, 2021, 2:47 PM

by Jayvee Fernandez

With Father’s Day just around the corner, I’ve compiled a few libation suggestions for your old man. Or your favorite uncle. Or even yourself! There’s nothing wrong with buying yourself giftseven if you aren’t a father! Mental health is mental wealth.

Glenfiddich personalization and labeling service

Customize a Glenfiddich bottle with your name

Glenfiddich is hands-down one of the smoother and appealing Speyside single malts in the market. It’s ubiquity doesn’t reduce how special this bottle can be in any gathering. If you’re ordering a bottle of Glenfiddich Our Original Twelve or Glenfiddich Our Solera Fifteen, you may do so from their official ecommerce partners and it comes with free labeling services.

Alternatively, if you already have bottles at home, you can visit Gift Glenfiddich on mobile and request for a label to be delivered.

Damien Planchenault

Hire a personal sommelier

Before the pandemic, I met Damien Planchenault, the former sommelier of The Tasting Room and Okada Manila’s La Piazza. He’s always been an advocate for affordable wines that taste good and knowing how to properly do pairings. I interviewed him before the pandemic and one of his quotes really resonated with me, Wine does not need to be expensive to be good. Expensive wine is like the Batmobile. Would you drive the Batmobile? No, but because there’s only one that is why it is expensive. Everyone else can drive Honda or Toyota and be perfectly happy.”

He has since pivoted to become an independent wine consultant with an online store in Lazada. But more than just selling wine, he’s the type of guy I can just send a WhatsApp message to“Damien, this is my budget. What can you recommend?” And he will put it all together. From straightforward deliveries through his store or organizing wine tasting sessions and private dinners, he’s literally the most approachable go-to guy for wine pairings in the industry during the pandemic.

You can find La Fouine on Lazada or contact him directly at mobile no. 0917 6311246 or email him at [email protected]

Aging barrel

An aging barrel for the hardcode dad

If you’re looking for a gift for a true aficionado, the penultimate gift is definitely an aging barrel. Although Lazada and Shoppe list these, they all ship from abroad. But Wine Depot has some five liter and three liter in stock. Aging barrels can really open up the possibilities of experimenting with liquor at homeespecially with gin and whisky. I myself have a 10 liter barrel at home which I’ve used to age cocktails and even improve the taste of very bottom shelf whiskies by aging them for about two weeks inside. The barrels on hand are American White Oak which is pretty much a good baseline for aging as it adds those nice vanilla and caramel notes. The inside of the barrel has also been charred which means it will also release some smokey/peaty notes. It’s a pretty versatile gift that can make for a good conversation piece as furniture.

Monkey Shoulder summer 2021 swag

Pahabol summer swag

If you have a dad who enjoys hoarding bags (fanny packs included), you may want to consider Monkey Shoulder’s summer promo that’s available till the end of June.

  • Monkey Shoulder Dry Bag Pack: One 70cl bottle of Monkey Shoulder and free dry bag, available at Boozy, Drinkies, Liquor, Shotify, and S&R.
  • Monkey Shoulder Beach Towel Pack: Two 70cl bottles of Monkey Shoulder and free beach towel Boozeshop, Drinkies, Liquor, Shotify, and S&R.

Monkey Shoulder is one of my favorite blended malts; fun fact—in 2019 it overtook Johnnie Walker as the number one scotch sold in bars and this is rightly deserved. Monkey Shoulder shines neatit’s very forgiving to whiskey newbies because of its sweet notes but also makes a very versatile base with almost any cocktail. It goes well with ginger ale, pineapple juice or as a classic Old Fashioned.