Father’s Day and Paris on your mind

Published June 11, 2021, 1:55 AM

by Philip Cu Unjieng

Without a doubt, if there’s one thing Filipinos have been craving for ever since the global COVID-19 crisis hit us, it’s travel. How many of us dream of Paris, of France, and French cuisine? I’m sure many hands were raised just then; and if Paris, the Loire valley, the French Riviera, all aren’t on the cards just yet, we can take comfort in the fact that Dr. Wine in Poblacion, Makati tries its best to give us the best in French cuisine and libations.

This Father’s Day weekend, if you’re missing that very thing, Dr. Wine on Algier Street, “Back-well” should be your destination for a sumptuous feast of Gallic flavor. Whenever my late mother would land in Paris, one of the very first things she’d do would be to seek out a restaurant or brasserie serving the two-tiered platter of Fruits de Mer. And I’m happy to report that Dr. Wine offers this very dish, with seafood that’s especially flown in to guarantee freshness, and definitely not frozen.

Dr. Wine’s French cuisine

The Queen’s Platter serves two, and it’s priced at P2,899; while the Dr. King’s Platter serves four, and priced at P4,899. What you get are crabs, shrimps, razor clams (or what clams are in season), oysters, and salmon rillettes. If this doesn’t conjure up taste memories of your last trip to France, consider yourself comatose.

Dr. Wine is also proud of their takeaway menu. You pre-order, it’s good for four to six persons, and you can enjoy the dishes in the safety of your homes. There’s Yellow French Chicken, a Lamb Leg dish, a US Ribeye option, and there’s the one I found especially interesting, as it’s a very French dish that you don’t usually find offered in local restaurants claiming French provenance.

Seafood at Dr. Wine

This would be the Salmon and Sea Bass Koulibiac (Wellington style). And when it says Wellington style, you’ll have to think Beef Wellington, something I’m always on the look out for when perusing a menu. This would be the seafood version, and it’s sea bass, salmon, mushrooms duxelles, hard eggs, saffron rice, and spinach – all in puff pastry. The photo alone, of the Koulibiac, had me wishing it was in front of me, and my dinner that very night. It looked that appetizing.

What’s wonderful about Dr. Wine is the very casual, relaxed atmosphere. It’s good quality French dishes and wines, but not served in a stuffy, formal manner. It’s the real thing in a Metro Manila setting, and you’ll be happy to be in a “Vive la France” state of mind.