Angono LGU warns residents against vaccine shots and slots for sale

Published June 11, 2021, 7:55 AM

by Nel Andrade

The municipal government of Angono, Rizal has warned its residents not to engage in the selling of vaccination slots or COVID-19 shots.

Mayor Jeri Mae Calderon signed on June 10 Executive Order 2021- 15 discouraging the people of Angono from selling or offering coronavirus shots and vaccinations slots for a fee.

The mayor’s order came in the wake of reports on individuals who offered vaccination slots in exchange for a fee ranging from P12,000 to P15,000.

The executive order, which is immediately executory, reminds violators that they may face charges of estafa or direct bribery, among others, for doing the illegal acts.

The police had earlier filed charges against three persons who were tagged by the Philippine National Police as involved in the alleged vaccination slot for a fee scheme.

The municipal government has temporarily stopped the vaccination of the first dose of the vaccine to residents in the A1-A3 categories due to the insufficiency of the COVID-19 vaccines as of June 9.

As of June 10, there were 36 active cases; 91 deaths, and 2,072 recoveries out of the total of 2,199 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Angono.