WHY? Ogie Diaz removes emotional vlog on comedian Dennis Padilla

Published June 10, 2021, 1:36 PM

by Stephanie Bernardino

Ogie Diaz (left) and Dennis Padilla

Netizens became confused when comedian-talent manager Ogie Diaz deleted or hid his viral video with veteran star Dennis Padilla recently.

These words “Video unavailable” and “This video is private” appeared on the link directing to the said vlog that Ogie posted on his Facebook.

In the caption, Ogie said he wanted to hear from netizens’ “sensible comment/opinion” about the second part of the interview entitled “Pakiusap ni Dennis Padilla sa mga anak. (PART 2) | Ogie Diaz).”

In there, Dennis opened up about Julia Barretto’s romance with Gerald Anderson, sharing that he actually confronted the 32-year-old actor back when his 24-year-old daughter was being tagged as the third party in the hunk star’s controversial breakup with Bea Alonzo.

A few days later, Julia removed her vlog with Dennis on her YouTube  Channel, which sparked different rumors that the two are having a feud anew.

Many believe it is related to Ogie’s trending videos.

Aside from the vlog, Julia has deleted her recent post featuring her boyfriend.

Julia also turned off the comment section of her social media accounts.