‘CONFIDENCE IS POWER:’ How Kakai Bautista handles ‘toxic Filipino culture’

Published June 10, 2021, 3:55 PM

by Stephanie Bernardino

Kakai Bautista continues to post revealing photos of herself on social media despite bodyshamers giving her no respite.

Recently on Instagram the actress noted how food, however fattening, is “very much essential” in everyone’s lives.

“I LOVE TO EAT. And….. pak all that Toxic Filipino culture that says chubby is not sexy and healthy. Black, Brown, Morena, kayumanggi is not beautiful. Pakdizall,” she wrote.

She doesn’t like being skinny but unhealthy.

“It’s not good. I will never be happy with that,” she said.

She added in mixed Filipino and English, “Sorry if others are unhappy that I love myself so much and I am enjoying every bit of what I am now and every second of my life.”

Kakai also reminded bashers to be mindful in giving unsolicited advice.

“Life is short, do not interfere in the lives of others. Focus on your life and make it beautiful, filled with joy, and worthy,” she ended, then used the hashtags: “#NoToBodyShaming” and “#Confidenceispower.”

Prior, Kakai handled a basher who commented on her bikini snap with “baka maduwal si Mario.”

Mario is, of course, Thai heartthrob Mario Maurer, who sent a “demand” letter to Kakai’s camp, ordering her to refrain from using the name of the foreign actor or referencing him directly or indirectly in any way.