The story behind Nadine Lustre’s beauty look for Absolute Madness

Published June 9, 2021, 10:28 PM

by Jane Kingsu-Cheng

It’s been some time since Nadine Lustre had something as big as her next (online) concert Absolute Madness set this July 3. And everyone is ecstatic to be entertained with an audio-visual feast.

The teaser photo posted by the photo shoot team, including photographer BJ Pascual, really made everyone take a second look. Wearing almost nothing but a mix of velour and mesh bodysuit, her look resembles that of an old-school glamour of a sexy vixen back in the 1920s.

True enough, makeup artist Raffy So revealed that the inspiration behind this is surrealism that started in the 1920s with Elsa Schiaparelli fashion from the 1930s as the jumping point for the outfit.

So shared more details about this look, “It’s a collaboration between me, BJ (Pascual), and Nadine. The original plan was to do a 1920s thin brows—very John Galliano, but Nadine said that it might be too much, so we opted for bleached caramel blonde brows and cool-toned smokey eyes paired with cool-toned nude lips.”They added more contemporary 1920s looks including finger waves locks, and intense Cupid’s bow.

The star of this look are the bleached brows and smokey eyes, giving it a “very hazy look” according to So. As to how he achieved this, “I used a light cream concealer for the bleached brows look and cool-toned eyeshadow palette for the eyes. You can also use contour palette or powder.”