Pride 2021: This inclusive brand's new collection raises funds for HIV awareness and testing projects

Published June 8, 2021, 9:35 PM

by John Legaspi

Milkwear collaborates with Love Yourself PH for a collection that’s all about LGBTQIA+ love

Mela Habijan, Bill Bello, Janlee Dungca, and Macoy Averilla for Milkwear x Love Yourself Pride collection

Sometimes waving the rainbow flag isn’t enough when it comes to brands supporting the LGBTQIA+ Community causes. What people need beyond thoughtful ads and multi-colored fashion is great action. Things that truly fight for the community’s rights, provide for its needs, not just a friendly tap that ends the moment June is over.

Showing how brands should support the LGBTQIA+ Community is local clothing line Milkwear as it collaborates with Love Yourself PH for a neat Pride capsule collection.

“Pride starts when we live ourselves! No matter the physical distance, we sill still show the world how every person within the LGBTQIA+ Community matters,” the brand posted. “We show the world how Pride is a celebration of loving ourselves as who we are while living authentically us.”

Established last 2020, the inclusive brand reminds them just that with shirts and hoodies with statements such as “Pride In Loving Myself,” “Self Love Wins,” and even “Proud Ally” for the friends and supporters of the community.

Some of the Pride collection’s pieces

With its name inspired of confectionery delights and its flair for dreamy pastels, one might think Milkwear is a brand for, well, vanillas. But that is not the case.

“We’re not just all sugar, we have a voice. Not just for sweet things but for things that matter. Things that shape our society. Things that affect us as human beings,” the brand protests. “We want to take part in building a society that is inspiring and nurturing because we deserve it. We deserve better.”

Featured in its campaign are some influential voices in the community such as Miss Trans Global 2020 Mela Habijan, content creator Bill Bello, advocate Janlee Dungca, and social media personality Macoy Averilla.

The best part of this Pride collection is that 100 percent of its profit will be donated to Love Yourself PH to fund their HIV awareness project and services.

Now, that’s how you fully support your LGBTTQIA+ brothers and sisters!

Check out the full collection here.