GOSSIP GIRL: ‘Kaka’ movie emerges No. 1 in Viva app, Sunshine Guimary hits the bigtime

Published June 8, 2021, 6:00 AM

by Giselle Sanchez

Sunshine Guimary

Viva Films has confirmed that the movie “Kaka” starring Sunshine Guimary is now the number one downloaded movie in the Vivamaxx streaming app.

This was followed by “Sukdulan,” a Katya Santos movie in 2003. Number three most downloaded flick is “Paglaki Ko Gusto Ko Maging Porn Star” starring Rosana Roces, Ara Mina, Alma Moreno, Maui Taylor, and introducing AJ Raval.  

During her last press conference, Sunshine was in tears. She couldn’t hold back her emotions of joy and gratefulness for Viva Films which gave her a chance to stardom. So Gossip Girl wanted to get to squeeze more juice from the newest sexy sensation of Viva Artist’s Agency by getting an exclusive interview.

Gosspi Girl: How are you feeling right now that “Kaka” is now the number one downloaded movie  in the Viva Max app? 

Sunshine G: “I am honestly in a loss for words. Ever since I started promoting  movie, all my bashers would tell me that it’s going to be a flop because I don’t know how to act, and I don’t register well on-screen, pangit daw ako, mukhang bakla. I have already developed an insecurity with all of these bashers calling me names. I am even okay for people to call me a transgender even if I am a real woman because transgenders are beautiful. But to call me a prostitute, a woman for hire and other degrading adjectives is just too much for a person to handle. I am a businesswoman in Cebu. I have commercial spaces I rent in Talisay, Cebu. I work really hard to earn a living. I also come from a decent family here in Cebu City. But now the numbers cannot lie and ‘Kaka’ has emerged number one in the Viva max app. I guess my movie is not a flop after all, but the opposite.”

From left: Maui Taylor, Sunshine Guimary, and Giselle Sanchez (Gossip Girl)

Gossip Girl: What can you say about your director GB San Pedro?

Sunshine G: “Direk GB San Pedro is very supportive and very understanding as I am a newcomer. He works really fast, sometimes too fast for my pace but then again I am new in this business I don’t really know how fast the pacing should be. I am also very thankful that he cast a lot of big stars like Rosanna Roces, Maui Taylor, Gina Pareno and you, Miss Giselle, to help support this movie and make it number one. I have learned a lot from all of you and I realize that you all work very fast. Big thanks also to my two leading men for helping me in the scenes. Je Napoles, as a theater actor, was really very helpful and supportive in all our acting and sexy scenes together. Ion Perez, on the other hand, really helped push the sales of the movie with his huge fan base following.”

What can you say to your bashers?

“Please leave me alone and find something productive to do. Why don’t you download the Viva max app in your Android and iphone cellphones and watch my movie? There are also a lot of other movies there, so you will be busy being entertained instead of bashing other people.”