Claudine Barretto reveals she 'ghosted' ex Mark Anthony Fernandez

Before Gerald Anderson, there was Claudine Barretto.

Apparently, the actress came way ahead of him ghosting somebody.

Although Gerald has denied it, Bea Alonzo accused Julia Barretto's current boyfriend of simply leaving her hanging with nary an explanation.

Claudine is different.

She is more than ready to admit to it, 25 years after the fact.

Her victim?

It is none other than ex boyfriend Mark Anthony Fernandez.

In a recent interview, Claudine revealed ghosted Mark, facilitiating the end of their topsy-turvy love affair.

But it was for good reason, she maintained.

She alleged that he cheated on her.

“That was the time na nambabae siya," she recalled in a recent interview. "One day I woke up and realized mas importante careers namin.”

She never had the chance to apologize for her actions but it isn't as if Mark is losing sleep over it.

“We were never enemies. Though walang closure, we have remained friends," the actor said.

Claudine has nothing but praises for Mark.

“He is a gentleman, always. Kahit dati pa. That's why I still love him very much even now as a very dear friend. We don't see each other often but we talk, we call each other."

The two fell in love as teens.

They broke up in 1996.

They are now set to do a film together under the direction of Joel Lamangan.