Apple unveils macOS Monterey

macOS Monterey on a MacBook

The new macOS Monterey is focused on creating a seamless workflow across multiple Apple devices.

This is a feature Apple calls Universal Control. It allows usage of a single mouse and keyboard to switch between a Mac and an iPad. From the WWDC 2021 demo, you can place an iPad and a Mac close to each other and you can drag the mouse across both screens. This allows fast and simple file sharing.

You’ll also be able to use Macs to play content from your iPad and iPhone. Macs will also get a macOS centric version of Shortcuts for quicker access to applications and will be available anywhere on the screen.


Safari, Apple’s web browser, is also getting a couple of changes. Firstly, a design overhaul, the tabs look simpler but prettier. Then, all the tab spaces are placed in line with the URL bar, adding more space for the screen to display a web page.

Other features include Shareplay, which allows users to share videos and music while on a FaceTime call.