Wear your Filipino Pride with these local pieces inspired by the Philippine flag

Published June 4, 2021, 4:32 PM

by John Legaspi

Raise your flag!

Raise your flag!

National flags are the ultimate patriotic item. They hold special symbols that reflect countries’ history and their people. Being artfully and thoughtfully designed, flags also became a great source of inspiration.

Just look at ours, the Philippine flag. Its colors and emblems are true marks of the nation. Though we are not allowed to put the image of the flag entirely on items, that rule became more beneficial to local designers. Think of beauty queens Catriona Gray and Rabiya Mateo with accessories and ensembles inspired by the flag. There’s also the late rapper Francis Magalona’s clothing line that took its elements to streetwear, bringing the love for the flag closer to the masses.

Throughout history, the Philippine flag has undergone a lot of alterations, seen many wars, and grasped by different leaders. But what remains the same is the respect put into it by the Filipinos as it dances in the air with the “Lupang Hinirang” playing in the background. Today, Filipino designers and artisans honor the flag by keeping its spirit alive through specially-designed pieces bearing its symbols.

As we observe the country’s independence this month, we’ve rounded up some fashion items inspired by the Philippine flag that not only screams freedom but also #DamaKoAngLahiKo.

Photo from Kultura

Kultura’s Independence Day face masks, P79

Putting health safety and care for Filipino artisans at the forefront is Kultura’s Independence Day masks. The masks come in two designs highlighting the color and insignias of the flag. Proceeds of the masks will be donated to the brand’s partner weavers and farmers.

Photo from Sesotunawa

Sesotunawa’s Klung Kalayaan bracelet, P599

This bracelet is hand beaded and crafted by indigenous beaders and brass casters from Lake Sebu in Mindanao. It not only embodies the bravery, love, and freedom embedded on the flag, but also the collective power that comes from the people it represents.

Photo from Tesoro’s

Tesoro’s Barong shirt from Kawes by Manang Adjie, P3,000

A modern take on the classic barong, this shirt features jusi textile with a “bitwen” and “apo” embroidery. Comes in both men and women’s sizes, the shirt incorporates materials that are sourced in Ilocos, the home province of the designer Manang Adjie.

Photo from Farah Abu

Farah Abu’s Stella mask, price upon request

Taking protection gear to the next level is Farah Abu’s Stella mask. Inspired by the Philippine flag, the face mask is adorned with cultured pearls, capiz shells, and glass beads set in tarnish-free wiring.

Photo from Aishe Footwear

Aishe Footwear’s Catriona mules, price upon request

Laguna-based footwear brand Aishe Footwear crafts mules named after the crowned Miss Universe 2018. The Catriona mules are made of abaca handcrafted and embroidered by sapateros in Liliw, dubbed as the country’s Tsinelas Capital.

Photo from Batik Atbp

Batik Atbp’s Philippine flag earrings, P315

Made by the Ga’dang tribe, these earrings emulate strength and passion in the Philippine flag for the modern Filipina. Plus, it is boxed in a tampipi adding to the local experience.