APAC Tambuli Awards: Recognizing ‘purposeful values’ by brands from all over the world

Published June 4, 2021, 10:24 PM

by Seven Bueno

The Asia Pacific Tambuli Awards held its 2021 Awards Night on June 4, 2021 to commemorate the amazingly purposeful values espoused by different multinational companies across the globe through their marketing campaigns that bring creativity to a deeper and more meaningful level.

The award show had its humble beginnings in Manila, Philippines back in 2005 organized by the University of Asia and the Pacific’s School of Communication and opened itself up to the Asia-Pacific region in 2012. Since then, the awards committee has been accepting entries from the other countries in the Asia Pacific and the Middle East, and in Australia and New Zealand.

APAC Tambuli Awards

This year, the overall executive jury was headed by Mark Tutssel, global executive chairman of Leo Burnett. Alongside him were Merlee Jayme, the first Filipina global president of Dentsu McGarryBowen; Malcolm Poynton, global CCO of Cheil Worldwide; Tripti Lochan, the Co-CEO in Asia for YMLY&R; Emily Poon, president of Public Relations and Influence at Ogilvy Asia; Steve Coll, head of Creative Shop at Facebook – New Zealand; and Kuo Hi Lee, head of Project House in Volkswagen China.

Also in the jury were Eileen Araneta, the board director of Century Pacific & Shakey’s Pizza Asia Ventures; Robina Gokongwei-Pe, president and CEO of Robinson’s Retail Holdings; Margot Torres, managing director of McDonald’s Philippines; Kais Marzouki, chairman and CEO of Nestle Philippines; Arvind Sachev, president of Colgate Palmolive Philippines, and Raghu Krishnan, president of Johnson & Johnson, Philippines.

Here are a some of the many award-winning campaigns and personalities honored at the 2021 awards night.

Neil Trinidad

Chief Marketing Communications Officer of the Year: Neil Trinidad, CMO of Lazada Philippines

Young Marketing Leaders of the Year: Crismer Tiria, senior marketing manager at Johnson & Johnson, Philippines; and Mar Angelo Corazo, the global digital marketing manager at Unilever Global Headquarters in the Netherlands

Crismer Tiria and Mar Angelo Corazo

Network of the Year: Cheil Worldwide, a global marketing company based in South Korea, under the Samsung Group, established in 1973

Agency of the Year: Leo Burnett Manila

Advertiser of the Year: Samsung

The Carmencita Esteban Platinum Award: Telenor Pakistan and Ogilvy Pakistan for “Naming the Invisible by Digital Birth Registration,” a campaign dedicated to social issues faced by the children of Pakistan

What the people, agencies, and brands recognized at the Tambuli Awards was to go back to basics. They understood who they were communicating to and, as a result, derived a purpose beyond selling products as to why they do what they do.

The world truly would become a better place if all brands compete for purposes beyond just numbers and sales. The APAC Tambuli Awards by the University of Asia and the Pacific’s School of Communication serves not only as one of the most prestigious award-giving bodies in the field of marketing around the world, but also as a source of inspiration to the youth on how to make businesses grow in a more purposeful manner.

To see more about the APAC Tambuli Awards, visit its website https://tambuliawards.asia/