Alodia Cecilia brings her three-phase creative process on the runway

Published June 3, 2021, 11:34 AM

by John Legaspi

The eco-creative designer presents ‘FLVX > LAYA > EN’COUTH’ for PMFF

Alodia Cecilia’s works

“Although seemingly irrelevant during dark times, nothing and no one can ever stop those whose talents and passions are of creating art and beauty,” says Filipina fashion designer Alodia Cecilia. With 13 years of designing, she is determined not to be stopped by the global pandemic and focused on crafting clothes that matter and true reflection of her as a designer.

With her pandemic time, Alodia was able to explore the artist within her, allowing her to express her emotions freely through her art, aesthetic to mature. It even honed her leadership skill as the design captain of her brand.

“I also assess the strengths and weaknesses of my team,” she says. “We have spent most of the past couple of years in production development and improving our production quality, aligning it with Japanese standards. From 2017 to 2019, I have flown in and out of Tokyo where our main prod dev studio is located.”

For the 12th season of the Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival, the eco-creative designer is showcasing all of what she learned through the years with a collection that mirrors her creative process, she aptly titled “FLVX > LAYA > EN’COUTH.”

“I consider a lot of different aspects in my design process, from the practical to the philosophical side of things,” she muses.

Witnessing her three-phase collection is going to be some kind of a journey that mixes Filipino craft with Japanese design standards. It starts off with “FLVX,” which centers on the internal energy depicted through reengineered and sculpted pinya silk. The second phase, “LAYA,” features pieces made of local handwoven textiles inspired by cultural comradeship and the designer’s travels. Lastly, the “EN’COUTH,” is about taking upcycling to a high design level, using fabric scraps from the two phases to create “haute-r” pieces.

Details of “FLVX > LAYA > EN’COUTH”

As a fashion designer, Alodia believes that there is more to fashion than just an everyday garb. Now more than ever, fashion serves as a source of hope, joy, and a vessel for culture. That no matter what happens, we can always look into our closets to see where we came from and where we are going.

“The fashion industry is one of the industries that has been strongly affected by the pandemic, seemingly non-essential, but in reality, the fashion industry is one that documents history, a visual representation of the era,” Alodia says.

“In every situation, you can always choose to create something beautiful out of mishaps,” she continues. “There will always be a place for beauty in this world. Any act that brings people together, being supportive of each other, are little steps toward rising back up. There is no better time to start anything beautiful than now.”

Catch Alodia Cecilia’s “FLVX > LAYA > EN’COUTH” on June 4, 2021, 6 p.m., at Get to know more about PMFF 12 here.