Make your own signature scents with the newest Bulgari Allegra

Published June 2, 2021, 12:12 AM

by Jane Kingsu-Cheng

Imagine concocting your own signature scent, or even playing with your favorite fragrances to come up with new ones, depending on your mood? Italian luxury brand Bulgari introduces a new level of personalizing perfumes with its newest Bulgari Allegra collection. Each scent encapsulates the heightened emotions of Italian ladies as they savor everyday moments, reflecting how Italians live their lives with so much vibrance and zest.

FIND YOUR SIGNATURE SCENT. Layer and have fun with these 10 Bulgari Allegra bottles.

The Allegra collection comes in five scents, each reminds us of an Italian escape, be it at the beach with Rica Solare, a date with Fiori D’Amore, having sweet desserts with Dolce Estasi, happy hour with Rock ‘n’ Rome, and a fun evening out with friends at a Venetian carnival with Fantasia Veneta. Whatever occasion it may be, Bulgari Allegra’s fragrances hopes to let the wearer enjoy the moment even more with their chosen fragrances.

But there’s more, the Bulgari house has another surprise in store. The Magnifying collection, consisting of another five bottled of pure essences of Musk, Bergamot, Rose, Vanilla, and Patchouli. Wear them alone or layer them with any from the Allegra collection, no concoction will be the same—making each experience a special one to remember.

And did you notice the colorful glass bottles? It is comprised of 96 percent glass, and full of vibrant colors to evoke the Italian life. The remaining four percent are the pump and the decorative Bvlgari aluminum plate, both can be easily taken apart for recycling. And since Bulgari is known for its use of rounded gems that we refer to as cabochons, the luxury house took inspiration from it, using it as the shape for the perfume bottle. Both ends of the fluted cap and base are a tribute to the Roman columns where Bulgari was born. The packaging is made from 100 percent cardboard materials as part of their eco-conscious efforts.

“I was totally inspired by the Italian soul. This Italianity that we are talking about, that everyone envies Italy and that no one succeeds in equalling. It’s 3,000, 4,000 years of history, and it goes back to roots that are very deep but still extremely modern because they are values that have gone through the centuries and history… All roads lead to Rome, all magnificent raw materials lead to Rome, all perfumes lead to Rome,” says master perfumer Jacques Cavallier.

Indeed, all roads lead to Rome with the Allegra perfume collection. And since travel is still very limited, let’s close our eyes, take a whiff, and go for that much needed escape through these bottled perfumes.