Kontra Daya asks public to report any form of election fraud

Poll watchdog asks public to report any form of election fraud.

Kontra Daya

With the May 2022 polls less than a year away, Kontra Daya has called on the public to be vigilant and report any form of election fraud.

"For Kontra Daya, fraud happens when there is suspected misuse of government resources. While this point needs to be proven, we still cannot deny the fraud in the form of deception which is clearly established based on past election cycles," the group said in a statement Wednesday, June 2.

"Even if they deny or keep mum about their political plans, these instant commercial models, tarpaulin hoggers and pandemic travelers are likely to run in the 2022 elections, thus making their presence felt as early as now," added Kontra Daya.

The poll watchdog group said it is in this context that they call on citizens to remain vigilant and use the power of social media to their advantage.

Kontra Daya encouraged all advocates of clean, honest and transparent elections to report any forms of election fraud such as
tarpaulins, billboards, flyers and other media prominently displaying the names and/or pictures of politicians; sign-up drives urging certain politicians to run; text messages from anonymous numbers purportedly on behalf of certain politicians; political surveys being conducted by LGUs or fly-by-night organizations; meetings, rallies or distribution of relief goods organized by certain groups in support of a politician; red-tagging of certain personalities, politicians or party-list groups and other forms of early negative campaigning; police and military operations against certain individuals and groups aimed to besmirch progressive politicians or party-list groups; and other activities with a clear intent to get support in the 2022 elections or to negatively portray perceived opponents.

Those who have information are urged to do the following: take a photo or video of an event using your phone's camera; take note of the time, date and place where the event happened; give a brief description of the event; send the photo/video, timestamp and description to Kontra Daya via email (kontradaya@gmailcom), Twitter (@kontradaya) or Facebook (kontra.daya).