Hey, caféphiles! This kit brings 30 kinds of coffee good for a month-long brewing indulgence

Published June 2, 2021, 12:19 PM

by John Legaspi

The Good Cup Coffee introduces the ultimate coffee experience

The Good Cup Coffee’s 30-Day Coffee Tasting Box

“It’s an experience,” that’s how some connoisseurs would explain what coffee drinking is like. There is always a sense of passion, something that tickles their palate. A brew cup, for them, is more than just a morning kickstarter, but an early flavorful encounter.

In the pre-pandemic, coffee tasting is an event done without a drop of hesitation. But in our current health climate, having your caffeine fix with fellow fanatics is currently not ideal. But that doesn’t mean it can be done.

Cebu-based coffee shop The Good Cup Coffee has been among the praised food businesses for its ability to thrive in times when food businesses are closing their doors, thanks to its digital presence and great products, of course. This time, the café brings the art of coffee tasting to your home with its 30-Day Coffee Tasting Box.

First introduced in 2020, the artisanal coffee box contains 30 different kinds of coffee (30 grams per box) that come from 12 countries in South America, Africa, and Asia. It also has a journal, calendar, and stickers for people to document their everyday brewing.

Merging digital and real-time coffee experience, The Good Cup Coffee team is also releasing video content daily focusing on the day’s brew. Expect to learn brewing methods and the beans’ background, so you can make your cup like a pro.

Learn more about the 30-Day Coffee Tasting Box here.