7 baby essentials to add to your shopping list

Published June 2, 2021, 5:55 PM

by Jane Kingsu-Cheng

Everything below P450!

This pandemic can make any pregnant mom extra paranoid. Online shopping has never been this helpful for expectant moms, but social distancing has made it harder for us to interact with fellow moms to seek help and advice in preparation for when they meet their bundle of joy.

One of the first things that come to mind is what should one buy before giving birth? Here are seven baby products that will help you make taking care of a newborn easier. The best news is? Everything in this list costs less than P450, thanks to homegrown brand Child Care Philippines.

Birdseye diapers, P315 per pack of six
Cloth diapers, although have been replaced with disposable ones for a while, have proven to be a better choice—with proper care and guidance. Made of 100-percent cotton, these diapers are chemical-free and made with maximum absorbency in mind. They can also be used as burp cloths or even nursing covers.

Nappy clamps, P39 for a set of two
Cloth diapers also need safe-for-baby clamps to cinch them tight. These Birdseye cloth clamps are safe to use on babies that leaves no scratches on their delicate skin.

Fragrance-free baby wipes, P89 for 80 pulls with flip-top lid
Baby wipes that are free of scents are one of the best ones to use on newborn babies, from cleaning them, even yourself, and the surfaces that surrounds your precious ones.

White short sleeve tie-side, P205 for a set of three
Keep everything looking lean with an all-white newborn ensemble. Not only do they look extra clean and smelling good, it’s easy to spot if there’s dirt around them. The clothes are made of 100-percent combed cotton, making it even softer after every wash.

Mitten, booties, and bonnet, P99 for a set
Staying in the womb for nine months can make any newborn feel cold in the real world. Protect your babies with this set of mittens, booties, and bonnet. All are made breathable and lightweight, with no buttons or tags, to keep it light and easy for babies to move their limbs.

Hooded blanket, P299 for 24×30
Mittens, booties, and bonnets are not enough. Get a hooded soft blanket to wrap your little one snug and tight, mimicking that of a mother’s embrace.

Nursing pillow, P429
With moms breastfeeding almost 24/7 for the next few months, it is important to get a infant nursing pillow for your newborn to rest on. This will also give your back added support, even for your arms to rest on, while you nurse your baby.

Available in their online shops in Lazada and Shopee.