READ: Gaby Concepcion’s relationship advice for daughter KC

Published June 1, 2021, 6:27 PM

by Jane Kingsu-Cheng

It has been more than a month since KC Concepcion celebrated her birthday, last April 7 to be exact. But not much has been shared online as to how she spent that special day.

She compiled everything that happened that day and produced a video out of it. “A lot of you are still wondering how I celebrated my birthday this year, so na realize ko na oo nga, no? Hindi ko pa pala navlog. So, here you go! Samahan niyo akong balikan ang aking cool, casual, Concepcion-style celebration this year with papa @concepciongabby@thesamanthaconcepcion and family. Missed my other sibs and mom’s side but this was definitely one to remember.”

The vlog showed how laidback her celebration was at the beach, spending time with her father Gaby and sisters Savannah and Samantha. The vlog ended with Gaby’s sweet message for the birthday girl, “I hope you’re happy in everything that you do. Looks like you’ve been very successful in a lot of things that you’ve done.”

YT: KC Concepcion

The birthday girl followed up by asking for relationship advice, “When people ask me… Whoever she wants to be with, you know, I’ll back her up. Life is short and people are unpredictable, and a lot of things, you don’t know until you spend time being with that person, doing something that you like to do. That’s the only time you’ll find, you know, the happiness is when you’ve spent the time, you know, being with that person or doing the things that you really want to do.”