Marvel’s ‘Loki‘ gets slapped around in new trailer

Published June 1, 2021, 12:49 PM

by Punch Liwanag

Marvel’s god of mischief is in the receiving end of it on latest “Loki” trailer.

In anticipation of Marvel’s “Loki” mini series that will start airing on June 9, Disney Plus dropped an updated trailer of the new show last weekend.

On this version, Loki, as played excellently by Tom Hiddleston, gets roughed up and showed who’s in charge. And in this setting, the Time Variance Authority is the boss and represented by one of its agents, Mobius M. Mobius, as played by Owen Wilson. Described as “a member of middle management of the TVA,” and “who’s not the strictest of the bunch, but takes pride in his work.” Owen Wilson’s Mobius character first appeared in “The Fantastic Four” comic book issue no. 353 back in 1991.

On the trailer, Loki as per his entitled Asgardian character, thinks he can ignore the authority of the TVA, but he is soon shown that his usual tricks and antics are of no use. On one scene he ignores Mobius and leaves but is just sent back sprawling on the same spot, courtesy of Mobius’ mastery of time and space (and conveniently with a push of a button at that). And on another, Loki tries his power to change his appearance, but that too is checked, only to change as himself. On one scene he is slapped around by TVA security and basically rendered at the mercy of the TVA.

“What do you want from me?” Loki asks Mobius, to which the latter answers: “You put our timeline in chaos…I want you to help us fix it.”

Recall that in the last Avengers “Endgame” movie, Loki (from the first Avengers movie timeline) was able to escape with the Tesseract. His escape with the artifact essentially set a new branch of timeline which skewers the whole and had disastrous consequences. Correcting said timeline is now a job for the Time Variance Authority and Mobius thought that bringing Loki along to help fix it is a good idea.

Marvel Studios’ Loki aims to cement the character of the Asgardian god of mischief on an anti-hero arc. Hiddleston’s Loki character has been cast as such several times already on past MCU films such as “Thor” and the “Avengers’ Infinity War.”

In the words of Loki himself (as conveniently pieced for the trailer), he goes “I know what I am…good, bad, a bit of both.”

The original series starts streaming on the Disney Plus channel starting June 9, 2021.