Yakult and soju lovers will definitely love this donuts creation

Published May 31, 2021, 2:17 PM

by John Legaspi

You know you want this!

Bunappetite’s Yakult and soju-infused donut sandwich

Not only did the Korean culture influenced our streaming and music preferences in the past years, it also introduced a new kind of spirit to enjoy when the hour calls for something boozy, the soju.

The Korean alcoholic drink is traditionally made from rice, wheat, or barley. But these days, manufacturers have discovered alternative ingredients like potato and sweet potato in making it. While its source ingredients may have changed, it has already made its mark all over the world thanks to its sweet flavor and its iconic green bottle.

Locally, many Filipinos love pairing it with the Japanese probiotic drink Yakult. While drinking it is all for fun and leisure, the Korean-Japanese fusion drink makes one delicious and quite healthy booze experience. And if you love the drink, then you’ll definitely go gaga for this dessert creation.

Manila-based bakeshop Bunappetite introduces its new line of donut pocket flavors, which includes Yakult and Soju. The donut creation incorporates the flavors of the two in a velvety, ice cream-like filling, sandwiched by soft and pillowy donuts.

Photo from @bunappetite.ph

Customers can opt for their donut to have plain Yakult flavor or spiked with soju. Either way, this donut sandwich certainly looks heavenly on an afternoon dessert plate.

Drooling already? Order Bunappetite’s donuts here.