BEACH BABE: Heart Evangelista stuns in bikini

Published May 31, 2021, 12:54 PM

by Neil Ramos

Heart Evangelista is raising temperatures displaying her curves anew in a series of social media posts.

Apparently, Chiz Escudero’s wife has had enough of the heat, deciding to face it head on in style.

Donning a red orange Hermès bikini, Heart hit the beach with one of her furry friends.

Lucky for us, she also hauled along a good photographer who was able to capture her beauty perfectly.

She wrote as caption, “Life takes you down many paths, but the best ones lead to the beach.”

We’re at the office working Heart, but thanks for reminding us, anyway.

Anyhoo, as if the first set of snaps wasn’t enough, heart also posted another set, which allowed for a more, ahem, detailed look of her designer jams.

She wrote, “Back in paradise.”


While most fans were happy with Heart’s effort, there are some who can’t help but be negative about it.

One of them is a netizen who dared accuse Heart of editing the photo.

“The second photo is obviously edited. The lower ‘chest’ part and one from arm to hand is distorted. You better get a good graphic artist. Not a basher tho’, just from graphic artist eyes and opinion,” the netizen wrote.

Heart didn’t take it sitting down.

She retorted, “If I edited, I should have hired the best photog. All I edited is the filter to fit my feed. It’s hard work. I would never even post. As you know I don’t post stuff like this. But with @kimkingskitchen, we worked so hard to get healthy and fit. so enough with the negative stuff. We don’t need that stuff now darling.”

Does she really have to bash her own photog if only to defend herself?

Just saying.