Kit Thompson sets Internet on fire with nude photo

Published May 30, 2021, 7:53 PM

by Robert Requintina

Kit Thompson

A naked Kit Thompson posed behind a coconut in his latest snap shared on Instagram.

Taken in Siargao Island, Kit must be trying to set the internet on fire because his latest photo is seriously steamy.

“Sobrang init, buko juice muna,” wrote Kit as the caption to his photo on May 30. (It’s so hot. Have some coconut juice).

Kit’s fans love his nude shot.

Some comments:

“Lower please”

“Love eeeet!!”

“JUSKO KIT! Gusto ko lang naman mag instagram”

“Lord kakasimba ko lang po, minus points nanaman po ba to sa langit? HAHAHAHA”


Kit currently stars with Kim Molina in the sexy romantic comedy “MOMOL Nights” which now becomes available to all iWantTFC subscribers worldwide.

In this movie, Kim’s and Kit’s characters try to find connection and intimacy while playing by the so-called rules of modern dating and casual relationships. After it was released in 2019, “MOMOL Nights” became one of the most watched movies on iWantTFC, then iWant, as netizens praised its relatable story, laugh-out-loud jokes, and love lessons.

The story follows Peng (Kim), who explores the world of MOMOL (“make out make out lang”) after a breakup, and Marco (Kit), an artist with attachment issues who has sworn off romance. They meet, hook up, get into a no-strings-attached set-up, until one of them breaks a core MOMOL rule of never getting emotionally invested and involved.