Prioritize COVID vaccination in Boracay, tourist destinations — Concepcion

Published May 29, 2021, 1:16 PM

by Genalyn Kabiling

The country’s tourist destinations should be high on the government’s list of vaccination sites to help propel the nation’s economic recovery.


The latest appeal was made by Presidential Adviser for Entrepreneurship Joey Concepcion as the government started its free inoculation drive in the country.

“Economic resurgence can also be achieved if immunizations are focused on tourist island destinations like Boracay, Siargao and Panglao because it would be possible for these places to accept vaccinated domestic and foreign visitors alike,” a press statement from Concepcion’s camp read Saturday, May 29.

“Island destinations also make it easier for authorities to monitor and regulate movement on the island, and guard against possible outbreaks,” it added.

Concepcion and other business leaders recently tackled efforts to hasten the country’s economic recovery, including the proposal to establish a unified digital cards for vaccinated persons, during an online forum. The proposed vaccine passes are seen to facilitate people’s movement to dine, shop and travel in the country.

The country’s business leaders have recognized the need to step up vaccination efforts to revitalize business activities and restore the livelihood of people after the economy has been weakened by the pandemic.

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Concepcion said people who refuse to get vaccinated should not stand in the way of greater mobility for everyone else.

“It’s clear that those who are able to protect themselves and others should be granted greater mobility. They will be the ones to help us open the economy safely,” he said.

After the arrival of COVID-19 vaccines in the country, the government started to give free inoculations to health workers, seniors, and people with comorbidity. More than a million people have already been fully vaccinated under the government’s program so far.

Starting next month, the government plans to vaccinate the country’s essential workers and the indigent population. The government is eyeing to attain “population protection” in Metro Manila, the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak, by vaccinating 9.7 million people by November 2021.