One-legged delivery app rider has been getting a lot of five-star ratings from clients

Published May 29, 2021, 4:22 PM

by Betheena Unite

Joy Habana, the differently-abled delivery app rider who drew praises from netizens for his perseverance, is actually a past awardee of his company’s excellence awards.

Hotel executive and home-based food business owner Donna Elaine Perez Villarin (left) with delivery rider Joy Habana. (Photo from Donna Elaine Perez Villarin’s Facebook)

“Joy Habana has been recognized during one of our Ka-Grab Papugay awards in the past, where he received a brand new motorbike to help him [in] his livelihood,” Grab Philippines told the Manila Bulletin Saturday, May 29.

Habana was born with just one leg. He brings along his crutch during deliveries.

“The story of Ka-Grab Joy Habana is an inspiration to many of our kababayans, and is a strong expression of Grab Philippines’ commitment of leveraging our technology, platform, and network to help our partners overcome their daily struggles and improve their quality of life,” Grab Philippines said.

Posts about Habana went viral last week after one of his clients shared her inspiring encounter with him on social media.

Donna Ellaine Perez Villarin, a hotel executive who also runs a home-based food business, narrated how she was instantly inspired by Habana’s perseverance when he dismounted his bicycle with just one leg, and approached her with the aid of a crutch.

“I never imagined that it would be [an] extraordinary encounter. Those who are like Kuya Joy, you do not deserve pity from anyone, you deserve respect. People will applaud you for rising above your limitations. And this can be your everyday battle that you will win. So be that inspiration you already are,” she said.

Held every quarter, the Ka-Grab Papugay awards fete Grab Delivery, Grab Taxi, and Grab Car drivers who get the most five-star ratings from customers.

Meanwhile, Grab Philippines encouraged Habana to take part in the company’s newly-launched Grab Academy platform.

“We will continue to expand the course offerings to help Ka-Grab Joy and our other driver- and delivery-partners succeed in life,” the company said.