This straightforward chocolate cake will make you dance in satisfaction

Published May 27, 2021, 3:00 PM

by Sandy Daza

Chocolate flashback

DANCING TO SWEET BEAT A slice of the decadent chocolate cake from Cakes by Louise

The bad news for me is that the badminton courts at the club and village I play in are still both closed. It’s sad when you’re a fanatic player like me. The good news is that a club in Makati is open once a week for me and my friends to release our frustrations from this prison (no mention of the place, baka sara pa nila). Without any badminton workout, my back up plan is the treadmill in my room. This boring workout totally changes when I watch a basketball game, especially when my team is playing. The NBA playoffs have started and my treadmill is in full swing again. I have found a way to breeze through the treadmill in this weather. This is my bit of exercise, along with swimming or wading in my children’s pool, until it gets a bit cooler.

Weekends are different. The Saturday Salcedo market just opened and it was wonderful to go back to my favorites again. I make it a point to drop by after a nice workout and imagine while driving there what I will have for lunch. I only have about three or four go to places at this market. I usually start off with two Wawa Bings Bacolod fresh lumpia or a Chinese lumpiang hubad. Then I either have my Moroccan spicy chicken sandwich or the Wagyu shawarma at the back corner of the market. Then, I have tall glass of chilled dalandan juice. Or I have my shrimp salad and Vietnamese lumpia at the stall beside my empanada place. I get a chair and eat my loot at the back of my stall. This was last Saturday and many Saturdays before.

The next day, I was playing badminton in Makati and had my eyes set on lunch in Mabini. After many weeks of no badminton, I survived the difficult morning and looked forward to my lunch. We started with an appetizer sampler of various Middle Eastern appetizers like hummus, tahini, falafel, moutabel, and pita bread. Yummy. We then had a platter of beef tenderloin and grilled chicken with garlic yogurt sauce and spicy sauce on the side. (Get the chicken). We also had some tender lamb stew over yellow Biryani rice with the meal. This place never fails. Shawarma Center is on Salas Street in Ermita. From there, I drive to Binondo and explore and see what else I can stock in my fridge.

This chocolate cake was such a hit in the ’70s, but then it disappeared. Now it’s back, with its thick fudgy icing and filling in the middle.

POOL FUN The author (right) and his son Arturo

This week, I had a chocolate flashback from the ’70s. This chocolate cake was so popular then. It was such a hit, but then it disappeared. Today it is back, with its thick fudgy icing and filling in the middle. This straightforward chocolate cake will make you dance in satisfaction. Its baker also makes a good prune cake. Order from Cakes by Louise via social media, @cakes.bylouise on Instagram and cakes by Loiuse on Facebook, or call or text 0920 9098459.

I also got the best-tasting pineapple upside down cake. It’s a must-try. Call or text Chef Tani at 0917 532 0816. She also makes an outstanding Amaretto cake.

So far, my food intake is overtaking my physical regimen. I hope the NBA playoffs continue to be exciting so my exercise will at least neutralize all the food I’ve been eating!

SUGARY REVIVAL Cakes by Louise brings back their chocolate cake known for its thick, fudgy icing
and filling

Early this week, I celebrated my birthday. I hid in my room not wanting to be surprised with a party. Ayun pala, wala!

Happy eating!

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