Mayor Zamora favors gradual reopening of the economy

San Juan City Mayor Francis Zamora said on Wednesday that he is in favor of the gradual reopening of the economy as the number of daily COVID-19 cases in the city continues to decline.

San Juan City Mayor Francis Zamora (Photo from Mayor Francis Zamora Facebook)

"It's working for us (General Community Quarantine with heightened restrictions). We're now down to 170 cases coming from 1,296 last april 12, so that's a very huge drop in the number of active cases, and for me, I am seeing now that the economy has restarted." Zamora said in an interview with ANC.

"I usually go around the different commercial areas on a daily basis and I'm observing that people are now starting to come out again. Like I mentioned here in San Juan, 30 percent of our target vaccinees have been vaccinated and this is a major factor in keeping the numbers low. So as long as the cases do not rise, we are now stabilized at around the 160 level only. So if ever the status will change, it should be very gradual, it should be just within the allowable businesses and industries, and possibly just increasing the capacity. We should not rush in opening up too fast. I am in favor of a gradual reopening." he added.


Asked about the curfew hours being implemented in Metro Manila, Zamora said that he is open to shortening the curfew hours to 12 A.M. from the ongoing 10 P.M.

"Right now it's at 10 (p.m.) and if there will be proposals for 12, I believe that will be okay with me. What is important is, regardless of what the curfew will be, it's really the adherence to the minimum health standards." the mayor added.

He said that the Metro Manila Council (MMC) is set to meet in the following days regarding the next quarantine status of Metro Manila for the month of June.