San Juan City reaches 30% of targeted vaccinated population to achieve herd immunity

Published May 26, 2021, 12:25 PM

by Patrick Garcia

The city of San Juan has already vaccinated 30 percent of its target population to achieve herd immunity, San Juan City Mayor Francis Zamora bared on Wednesday.

(Photo from Mayor Francis Zamora’s Facebook)

Zamora shared the good news as he gave an update on the city’s vaccination efforts and the status of its vaccines.

“My target is to reach herd immunity as soon as possible. In fact, we have reached 30 percent already of our target population to be vaccinated.” Zamora said in an interview with ANC.

“My job and responsibility as the mayor is to ensure that each and every vaccine that we have on hand is inoculated to the qualified persons so that we can immediately achieve herd immunity.” he added.

The mayor said that San Juan has received a total of 11,700 doses of Pfizer vaccines, 12,000 doses of AstraZeneca, and 10,000 doses of Sinovac that were delivered about two weeks ago.

He added that the local government was instructed to exhaust its supply of Pfizer vaccines immediately due to its sensitive inoculation process.

Zamora had previously said that he was also elated with the daily rate of vaccination the city is doing.

“We are doing up to 1,800 a day at this point at unti-unti pa yang tataas sa mga darating na araw (We are doing up to 1,800 a day at this point and this will slowly increase in the coming days),” Zamora said.

“Dati ho kasi nasa 600 to 800 lamang ang ating nababakunahan dahil din sa limitadong supply ngunit ngayon ho ay madami-dami na ang dumarating na bakuna sa ating lungsod ay inakyat na natin sa 1800 (Before, we were only vaccinating 600 to 800 people a day due to the limited supply of vaccines. But now that more vaccines are arriving in the city, we increased the number of people to be vaccinated daily to 1,800).” he added.