LOOK: Say Alonzo and sons show how to make own care packages for delivery guys

Published May 26, 2021, 9:47 PM

by Jane Kingsu-Cheng

Guess how much they spent for 50 sets?

The past year has been filled with challenges, and we all try to help those in need as much as we can. For celebrity mom Say Alonzo, her family has been donating to individuals who are running charities and community pantries.

This time around, she thought, why not make something more personal? “We’ve actually been giving out food, drinks, and masks to the guards and we thought we’d do something for the riders as well. I saw online that a person started giving one mask to a rider a day kasi she thought na parang handkerchief or cloth lang yung mask nila so if we’d give a mask to a rider a day, we’d save him and his family plus the families he’ll be delivering to from the virus. So sabi ko paano kaya kung sa mas madaming riders. Since palagi naman may nagdedeliver dito ng groceries, food , PR kit or work stuff so good idea siya,” she tells Manila Bulletin Lifestyle.

Two weeks ago, she started oredering all the things she needed to pack. She spent P2,000 for 50 sets of care packages which consisted of masks, face shields, alcohol spray bottles, alcohol, brown paper bags, and resealable plastic bags to store the facial masks.

She also asked her two sons, Asher and Austin, to help her by decorating the paper bags with the Avengers theme. “They were excited to put the care packages in front of the house. We have two boxes. It’s labeled and the riders just put the packages/groceries/food there. We practice contactless delivery in the village. Every time we have a delivery, we would tell them to get one.”

And what were the reactions of the delivery guys? “Most of them were surprised that we have a gift for them. The others would even text to say thanks. The others couldn’t believe it but we can see their smiling eyes behind the mask. Heartwarming. Nakakaiyak na, in our own little way, napapasaya at natutulungan namin sila.”

On why she decided to post this activity? “We don’t normally post when we help out but, this time, we wanted the parents to do something like this with their kids. It’s a fun weekend activity where you can get them to help out people in need while doing some math, arts and crafts, too!”

There is also no need to go out. You can just order everything online, and use whatever you have at home. “It’s super fun and it’s heartwarming to teach your kids to help out.”