Ben & Ben on living together in their creative bubble

Published May 26, 2021, 9:28 PM

by Punch Liwanag

The lengths you go through for your music.

Top band Ben & Ben created their own creative bubble to keep the music going during the lockdowns.

In an interview with Bulletin Entertainment, Ben & Ben shared why they decided to get the whole band to live together under one roof and the difficulties of such a set up.

“It’s been a great challenge,” said Paolo Guico

“Early on the pandemic, we had a discussion on ‘guys anong gagawin natin? Since our bread and butter, which is live shows, ay wala na. We had to find a way to move forward,” shared Paolo. He went on to say that “Once we thought of the idea of moving in. What we realized was andami pala talaga dapat isipin.”

First on the agenda is a place to live in. Then from finding a place, a whole system had to be arranged in said house. Paolo said that “the band really took time to figure out everything before they can actually start creating.” And by everything, they meant food expenses, bills for utilities like water and electricity, and even the wi-fi.

But when they had those things figured, creating the new songs was next. Ben & Ben “D.I.Y.’ed a studio” in the house and even set up the house so that it would be conducive to band meetings and planning.

Suffice to say that they are successful on that end. And since setting up the house, their makeshift studio, the band has been unaffected by what’s happening outside of their bubble. Ben & Ben has since released a new single titled “Magpahinga.”

The single is a (baby grand) piano decked number featuring keyboardist-pianist Pat Lasaten. Who shared that their parents understood the band’s decision need to live together. “They all understood that this was something we needed to do to keep creating,” said Lasaten, adding “we are blessed to have parents who are very supportive.” “Of course they are worried. We try to message them every day and call them when we can. Pero nagging ok naman (lahat) eventually.”

New songs are now trickling out as a result of the band’s creative bubble. And “Magpahinga” is just the start. The new song is written by the brothers Miguel and Paolo Benjamin and is recorded by producer-guitarist JP Verona.

“We can’t wait to put a new album out in the near future,” said Paolo.