Miguel Martinez to Michael Cinco: ‘I love you…sorry if I hurt you’

Published May 25, 2021, 3:21 PM

by Stephanie Bernardino

Miguel Martinez

Migüel Martinez of publicist MGMode Communications has said that he was hurt by allegations of Filipino fashion designer Michael Cinco that his team was “ungrateful, vile and professional users.”

“The way he did it, he weaponized a message directed to assassinate our character,” Martinez said.

Martinez, whose team handled Miss Universe Canada Nova Stevens, was referring to the controversy involving the gowns of the Canadian beauty queen.  

At the height of the feud, Martinez said that he reached out to Cinco and informed him that something needed to be done.

“Because we’re the little people here. He’s a huge guy and the letter that he premeditated and put out as a statement has created this non-real — it’s not even close to reality. And again, he cannot prove that I conned him because I never did. We’ve had an agreement to work,” Martinez said.

Michael Cinco

Martinez also admitted fault when he commented on the post of Cinco, but he pointed out he never said anything that was not true.

“Things may have been said but shouldn’t have been said. And having said that, I’ve always said the truth. I’ve never said anything that is not true. It’s my experience, it’s my story, and I have the receipts of every single thing I say,” he related. “I have nothing to hide. I’ve always been honest, maybe too honest.”

Martinez said he has reached out to Cinco.

“I love you. Sorry if I hurt you. And those were some mean words, like really mean. Hopefully, we can mend this. And if you want me to bring you an amazing girl next year and you’re willing to do it again, I’m willing to do it, too,”  Martinez said.
A few days ago, Cinco called out Stevens, Martinez for allegedly spreading fake news about his team.

Cinco denied claims that Nova’s “unfitted” gowns arrived “late,” seemingly “to sabotage” her win.

In an interview with MJ Felipe, Martinez cried foul for the statement that Cinco posted online.

Martinez said he received hundreds of death threats and messages calling him a “scammer” and “thief.”

Miss Universe Canada has expressed its intention to end the feud.