Is Sensen leaving Doc Migs for good in Owe My Love?

Published May 25, 2021, 6:24 PM

by Manila Bulletin Entertainment

Benjamin Alves and Lovi Poe

Hit rom-com series Owe My Love is on its last two weeks and SenMig fans should stay tuned to find out how Sensen (Lovi Poe) and Doc Migs’ (Benjamin Alves) love story ends.

Heart-broken over Migs and Trixie’s (Winwyn Marquez) engagement, Sensen decides to migrate abroad and start anew. Her mother Coring (Ruby Rodriguez) supports her decision but her grandmother Mema Eps (Nova Villa) is still holding out on the possibility that there is still hope for Sensen and Migs.

Migs seeks closure with Sensen but is confronted by Richard (Jason Francisco) who feels very protective of his childhood friend and forever-crush. A fist-fight ensues.

Meanwhile, Trixie and Divina (Jackie Lou Blanco) make sure there are no loose ends. They devise a scheme to get rid of Dolores — the nurse hired by Trixie to kill Oryo (Pekto Nacua) and frame Migs — once and for all.

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