Hit the beach with these swimwear pieces that are chic, inclusive, and sustainable

Published May 25, 2021, 12:33 PM

by John Legaspi

Because summer is not over yet!

H&M Summer 2021 swimwear collection

In 1907, actress Annette Kellermann received major side eyes for wearing a skin-tight swimwear. Though her entire body was covered, except for her head and limbs, the look was deemed scandalous as it exposed her womanly figure. Although she was arrested, her bold move and ownership of her body paved a way for our modern swimsuit.

But as the years passed, putting on a swimsuit for many women is still seen as the perfect start for a walk of shame. Skimpy, skin-baring garments are the only things onlookers need to prey on one’s body. But what we fail to see is the bravery and the power a woman has upon wearing a swimsuit.

That is what fashion brand H&M wants to celebrate this season, the freedom, joy, and pride that comes from a swimsuit. With its 2021 swimwear line, the Swedish label merges purpose with style. Comprised of sustainably sourced fabrics, the collection aims to change how women feel in their swimwear with pieces that bring a sense of warmth and calm among the noise of today.

Minimalistic in style yet unapologetic and full of feminine strength, the collection focuses on the bold, embracing strapped silhouettes that celebrate all bodies and forms. Classic bandeaus, curved briefs, and dainty off-the-shoulder tops are made from pre-consumer recycled polyesters from textile waste and post-consumer recycled polyester from recycled bottles.

“I’m particularly proud of the fabrics in this swimwear collection, it’s our most sustainable swimwear collection thus far, and all of the designs are made of at least 85 percent recycled polyester,” says Maria Östblom, head of design womenswear at H&M. “We’re so pleased to offer inclusive sizing with this emboldening swimwear collection, too.”

Paloma Elsesser

To amplify its cause, a campaign film, captured in LA, is released that stands for the women who face public opinions daily. Canceling out the noise, model Paloma Elsesser dives underwater, finding strength in the silence there, only to come back even stronger as her co-stars Nouri Hassan, Bintou Sillah, Yumi Nu, Shawn Lakin, and Tani Gunn join. The compelling film is soundtracked by Depeche Mode´s iconic song “Enjoy The Silence” in a new version performed by US singer Fousheé.

The Summer 2021 Swimwear Collection will be available in all stores and online starting May 27, 2021.