This mommy doctor and TikTok influencer gives tips on how to balance family and career

Published May 24, 2021, 4:46 PM

by Jessica Pag-iwayan

Dr. Mirah Borja is a supermom who juggles home life and hospital duties in the middle of COVID-19 pandemic

SUPERMOM Dr. Mirah Borja juggles family life, career, and business all at the same time and she generously shares how she’s doing it

Mothers have a lot of lot of responsibilities to fulfill, from looking after the welfare of the whole family, being a teacher to their kids to becoming the chef of the household. All of these, plus a lot more, sometimes hinder them to have their own blooming career. 

But for Dr. Mirah Borja, a first-time mom, TikTok content creator, and obstetrician, mommies can do anything they set their minds into. During TikTok’s #MomHacks event, the good doctor gives some practical advice on how they can balance family life and their careers.

Plan and organize
Known as @doctormomph, Dr. Mirah shares helpful information on obstetric and gynecologic conditions, the journey from pregnancy to motherhood, and the wonders of parenting online. And for her, one of most important things every mother should do to be able to juggle all tasks is to plan. 

“Organize your time both at work and at home,” she says. “Prioritize certain activities over others, and use calendars and list to plan ahead to get most of the work done in the least amount of time. It is important also to plan strategically.” 

“For me, I prepare my outfits the night before,” she says. “And then do groceries good enough for weeks. It’s important to do your work scheduled and carefully plan your week or a month ahead.” She also encourages moms to write their plan in a notebook and use sticky notes that they can stick to the refrigerator to remind them about important things and happenings. 

Leave work at work
As an OBGYN, Dr. Mirah admits that this tip doesn’t apply to her since she’s on call 24/7 to attend emergency cases. But, still, she encourage moms to live at the moment and enjoy quality time with their respective family. 

“Try to disconnect from work after working hours and just enjoy time playing with your kids,” she adds.

Ask for help if needed
She then reminds mothers not to accept all the work, and delegate the tasks. “Don’t hesitate to ask for help. It’s important to know how to delegate your work properly so time won’t be wasted,” Dr. Mirah says. “At home you can assign your house chores to your house help properly. And you may also ask your husband or partner to unburden you with other matters that he can handle.” 

And to make things more easier especially buying essentials stuff, from food, baby needs to laundry detergent, she says moms can buy things online, wait for sale, and buy in bulk to get discounts. “We only have 24 hours in a day. And nowadays there’s a lot of negativity out there,” she says. “Let’s stay away from negativity and surround ourselves with positive vibes. You will only be less productive and more distracted if you pay attention to unnecessary negativity.”