Another Pinoy fashion designer joins in on the Michael Cinco-Miss Universe Canada Organization ruckus

Published May 24, 2021, 6:15 PM

by Stephanie Bernardino

Filipino fashion designer Jaggy Glarino has come out to defend Dubai-based Filipino renowned Fashion designer Michael Cinco. 

Through a Facebook post, Jaggy attested how the latter went beyond the usual to show support to Miss Universe Canada 2020 Nova Stevens.

“The point of my last post is, there is no sabotage!!! The idea of a sabotage is self-inflicting and stupid,” Jaggy declared.

“Mademoiselle Michael Cinco went out of his way to provide clothes for the candidate,” he reiterated, seemingly referring to Nova’s couture photo shoot where Michael hired a world-renowned photographer and filmmaker, including a glam team for the beauty queen.

According to him, Michael tapped him to do clothes (a full look) out of Michael’s “sheer goodwill.”

“Remember, my clothes? A 300 plus yards of white tulle ball gown and a heavy knit ensemble? That was flown in from Manila just to be shot in Dubai!”

Jaggy noted the Pinoy artist paid for every centimeter of that box’s volume weight. 

“Can you imagine how much a huge balikbayan box would cost on an international air freight cargo two way?”

Then, he cleared that his post is not about him or the risks that didn’t pay off nor the “kakarampot” contribution they’ve rendered.

“This post is a testament to the kindness of the person being wrongfully accused. Attacking his team, the people who works for him is tantamount to attacking the creative head himself,” he declared. 

“You cannot go around telling the universe that you adore him and think that his people was deliberately sabotaging you behind his watch.”

Jaggy said he would have definitely do the same if the other camp are to start calling out his staff in the same disrespectful manner online.

“If you were to ask me, I wouldn’t sow this amount of kindness to your candidate and your team only to end up being publicly humiliated and wrongfully accused! That is unfair! In situations like this, you do not expect someone to just keep quiet and be passive. You just gotta’ clap back and serve them!”

Recall that a few days ago when Michael called out Nova and MGmode’s Migüel Martinez and Denis Martin Davila who allegedly spread fake news about his team as being “unprofessional.”

In there, he belied the claim that Nova’s “unfitted” gowns arrived “late,” seemingly “to sabotage” her stint at the pageant.

But Nova was quick to address the controversy.

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