Is Ben Platt eager to chase Oscar trophy?

He already has a Tony, Grammy and Emmy Award.

Is Ben Platt gunning for an Oscar to finally become among so-called "EGOT's?"

It's a unique, revered circle after all -- something that actually only includes 16 people.

Ben admitted it would be cool but he is not in a rush about it.

He told NME in an interview, “It’s not necessarily the directive in terms of what I’m taking on or trying to do. I’m in no rush, honestly. Obviously if it did happen, that would be very wonderful and very cool. And I’d get to tell my children about it. But I have no issue with how long it takes.”

Indeed, if it happens, it happens.

In any case, Ben is set to make his mark on film, reprising his role as an anxious, isolated high schooler aching for understanding and belonging in Universal Picture's film adaptation of the generation-defining Broadway phenomenon that made him a star, "Dear Evan Hansen."  

Going back to the role that made him famous is actually a painful process for Ben but he's doing it for the fans.

He shared, "I think I was nervous about having to meet that same level in a medium that I’m not necessarily as instinctually comfortable in, and that doesn’t necessarily lend itself to the same kind of fireworks as a live performance."

Ultimately, Ben overcame his reservations.

He explained, "Having an opportunity to share this story with, like, millions more people is ultimately much more important than my being worried that my performance won’t be as good as it was on stage."

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