AUDIO JUNKIE: On 'Pangmalakasan' funk, 'Siomai' musings and then some

We’ve got variety this week that features Pinoy funk, novelty, girl-group pop and lo-fi soul.

R&B-soul singer Janno Gibbs is back to doing what he does best and we couldn’t be more chuffed that he’s got a new head -bobbing, funky new single titled “Pangmalakasan.”

Janno said in an interview that “when working with producers, though I don’t play any instruments, I sing them the parts. For this song, I sang him the funky guitar rhythm,” and then proceeded to scat an accurate approximation of the guitar parts.

That’s Mr. Gibbs on the lyrics and melodies too.

For the theme, Gibbs said “Instead of doing a ‘hugot’ song, I thought I’d go back to that playful boasting like I did on “Pinakamagandang Lalaki. And that’s where I came up with the title “Pangmalakasan.”  

Janno also said that he’s got some songs that he’s currently sitting on and that he will eventually put it out soon.   

He should, because the voice is pretty much intact. If anything, he’s gotten better despite the layoff.

Comedienne Ai Ai Delas Alas has a new a single titled “Siomai (what).”

Yeah, you read it right.

Ai Ai just thought it’d be nice to sing about steamed dumpling. Or ‘fried man or steam, basta ba merong toyo, kalamansi saka sili, para medyo may anghang, para pag kinain ‘to mas malinamnam.’

It’s like Ai Ai’s talking to her bestie, and from out of the blue, beshie asks her about siomai, and then Ai Ai just breaks out into song (or something that will pass for rap), with matching choreo and goes ‘Yes halos everyday, ako’y laging nag-i-imagine/ kapag ako po ay hindi nakakakain ng aking favorite, na mabenta all the time / mapa-beef, pork, chicken at, or any kind.’

It’s like she’ll go berserk if she doesn’t get her fill of siomai. Only a few can sing about siomai and pull it off. And Ai Ai is probably top of the list. If you want to be Ai Ai’s good side, you know what to do.

Boys World is bringing back American girl-group pop in a big way! The Los Angeles-based pop act has a new single titled “All Me.” Their press said that the new track is serving up “self-love and magnetic energy,” which is to say, they’re all about the good vibes, and it sounds like it too. A thumping kick-bass and trap-like beats wrapped in sweet sounding harmonies spell for a catchy listen for these good-lookin’ ladies.

BW only recently released their first EP “While You Were Out” and Elana Caceres, Olivia Ruby, Queenie Mae, Lilian Kay and Makhyli has done a superb job in building their brand despite Covid. Just imagine what this group can do when the world finally opens up. In the meantime, check out the new music video for “All Me.”

Definitely worth checking out is Brooklyn, New York-based soul singer-songwriter Cautious Clay. His debut album “Deadpan Love,” “wraps influences from R&B, Hiphop, indie pop in Cautious’ trademark sophisticated songwriting and jazz and blues-influenced instrumentation,” goes his press release.

That’s actually an accurate description of the sound and vibe that Cautious Clay imbibes. Taking his latest single “Wildfire” as an entry point into his world, one would be easily convinced to delve deeper. Cautious Clay sounds like a sensitive and extra soulful Post Malone with minimalist production. For “Wildfire” he makes up for soulful delivery what he lacks in instrumentation. The guy, just needs an acoustic guitar, some echo effect on his vocals, and the rest is all about his delivery.