Did Sharon Cuneta keep wedding ring from Gabby Concepcion?

Published May 20, 2021, 4:21 PM

by Neil Ramos

Sharon Cuneta and Gabby Concepcion have long parted ways but many are still quite interested in their love story.

Thanks to social media, it is much easier now for fans to learn more about it.

Heck, they could even ask the two directly.

Well, at least Sharon.

The Megastar is known to be more open communicating with fans about anything and everything.

In fact, just recently, Sharon opened up on the whereabouts of their wedding ring.

Thanks to an intrepid fan who bravely asked about it, now we know.

The fan asked, “Ms.Mega I hope you won’t mind my curiosity but did you keep your wedding/ engagement ring from Gabby C?”

Sharon answered, “I gave my wedding ring to KC many years ago.” 

Oh, the things you learn from social media!

Just to be clear she was referring to their daughter, KC Concepcion, not KC Montero.

Anyhoo, the whole exchange started with Sharon posting a photo of her wearing several rings.

Sharon shared the rings are her “other ‘wedding rings’ for two different wedding anniversaries. The one ring on my other hand is my Daddy’s wedding ring…”

“Oh and that big red ring is my birthstone, the Garnet. I always wear it. Someone said it’s supposed to be my ‘power ring.’”

Now, the question is, did Gabby keep his or is it also with KC?

Who will help unfold the mystery?