Times like these, wear Therapy

Published May 20, 2021, 11:00 PM

by Jules Vivas

This new collection is some kind of therapeutic—the answer to the pandemic blues

COVID-cases are growing, the economy is on a decline, the Earth is dying. A deadly virus lurks around every corner, with it the stink of stress. We are indeed living in depressing times, but that does not mean we should let everything happening kick us down. There are so many things to live for, like puppy kisses, morning coffee, a cold shower on a hot day, your favorite song playing on the radio, a book you can’t put down, loving someone more than you can explain, or even simply wearing a prized shirt.

Seoul-based brand harlan + holden has recently launched its latest capsule collection called “Therapy,” which helps people not only look good, but also feel comfortable in their own skin. Designed for work-from-home individuals and go-getters, the collection focuses on comfort, versatility, and one-step dressing.

SOLES OF COMFORT Black Therapy shoes for men

Fashion designer and creative director of harlan + holden, Alessandra Facchinetti created the collection in great consideration of consumers’ lifestyle amid the health crisis. All of us need relief, and so each piece is made to be a warm, soothing hug.

“When I was given the new Therapy sneaker as a starting point for the new capsule, its modern shape, airy lightness and stamped clear sole proclaiming an intention inspired me to think of clothes full of ease and versatility that would complement this comfort-inducing shoe,” explains Alessandra.

“This Therapy collection represents a new era of the way we live and what we are looking for in our clothes and how they serve us,” she adds. “The silver lining of the last year, if there is one, is that we have refocused our energy and time toward doing the things that make us most happy and fulfilled and I hope the Therapy collection in some small way will help us on that journey.”
With the “Therapy” logo stamped on its sole, the shoes of the collection define breathability, versatility, and lightness. The insole is double-layer Therapy Lite memory foam for extra comfort all day long. The kicks come in four colorways for both sexes—black, dark green, white, and nude.

THERA-TEES Salvia crew tee with salvia cigarette pants

The past year dictated a new way of living in, rather than out. Our homes became both intimate and professional spaces and now our desire for clothes that are snug yet hardworking, familiar but distinctive grows. The capsule collection for men and women is born out of this idea. It is likewise a nod to the fashion brand’s mission to create clothes that solve, rather than adorn.

A key promise of the collection is one step dressing. With elasticized details from t-shirts, dresses, shorts, trouser waists, and jacket back panels, it’s never been easier to wear elevated basics with minimal effort.

New short sleeve shirts double up as light cover-ups. They are versatile enough to be the perfect wear for any kind of day. The men’s collection is a good mix of leisurewear and new uniform separates, with Bermuda shorts, a style that spells comfort and freedom of movement.

The Crop Cuts Tank cotton bra, elastic-waisted shorts, and stretch viscose leggings are three major pieces for women. Flexible in layering qualities, they are easy to match into existing wardrobes, and exude a sporty attitude.

Made from crisp cotton poplin for a light but structured silhouette, the Crop Cuts Tank features a flattering scoop neckline and exposed cut details. It is perfect to pair with Wide Poplin Shorts or a Poplin Kilt Skirt, ultra-comfy from hip to hem.

‘This Therapy collection represents a new era of the way we live and what we are looking for in our clothes in how they serve us.’

Calm tones of baby blues, dusty pinks, soft yellow, mint green, and cappuccino nudes keep the collection fresh and airy, perfect for relaxing in or giving a feeling of dressing up for an intimate dinner or the next video meeting. Light cottons, the main fabric for the collection, keep it timeless and globally relevant.

The collection is a response to today’s needs and desires for a wardrobe that saves you time to accomplish the things in your day that matter.

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