How to keep cats happy at home

Published May 20, 2021, 5:09 PM

by Jane Kingsu-Cheng

It seems that more and more Filipinos are becoming cat-parents, and we know why! Cats are playful, affection, and so easy to take care of because they’re very independent. But this doesn’t mean that we just let them be, cats need to be taken cared of as well.

American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) shares these tips on how to keep your cats happy and healthy.

  1. Feed your cats well.
    Give them treats, but it should only be 10 percent of their diet. Kitten formula food should have high calories to help them grow bigger.
  2. Drink fresh water daily.
    Water bowls need to be clean on a daily basis. This will help maintain your cat’s good health.
  3. Groom regularly.
    Even if cats can groom themselves well, it also helps that we brush and comb them regularly. This reduces shedding and hairball incidents.
  4. Accessible and clean litter box.
    It’s important to always have a clean litter box with good-quality cat litter inside. Wash with mild detergent and remember to refill weekly.
  5. Provide scratch posts.
    Scratch posts are highly recommended so that cats don’t destroy your furniture. It is also good to cut their nails once every two weeks.
  6. Play and have fun.
    Toys such as stuffed mice, kibble feeder toy, catnip, and feathers make play time fun for these cats. They are very active so a cat condo or gym helps them burn off those excess energy, too!
  7. Choose your vet wisely.
    Not all veterinarians are the same. Best to choose one that your cats are comfortable with to lessen the anxieties when visiting the clinic.
  8. Spay and neuter.
    By five months old, it is recommended that female cats get spayed while male cats get neutered. This will help prevent them from having any reproductive diseases.

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