WATCH: Coleen Garcia on postpartum anxiety and how to deal

Published May 19, 2021, 1:41 AM

by Jane Kingsu-Cheng

Last Mother’s Day, Coleen Garcia finally uploaded her vlog on her postpartum journey. “It’s long overdue,” she admits.

Despite having shot it at the end of the day, where she pointed out that she was sweaty and couldn’t wait to get a shower, and she was covered in her son Amari’s food (among others), she thought that it was a good time to share some tips and her experiences so far while Amari was fast asleep. “I hope that other moms would feel that they are not alone” through this recent vlog post of hers. “It’s only been seven months, but I feel like I’ve grown and been stretched in many different ways,” the doting new mom adds.

She started off by talking about her birthing journey, Never have I ever felt so weak and so strong at the same time.” Moving on to taking care of her newborn, the connection is so special, making it “the most amazing thing ever.”

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Like any first-time mom, there were so many things that Coleen wasn’t prepared for. One of those was postpartum depression. “I wouldn’t say I had postpartum depression, but there is something that nobody talked to me about, and I only realized what it was in one of my mom groups when somebody opened up about it way after I gave birth, and that is postpartum anxiety.”

One of the many reasons why this happened included sleep deprivation, the overwhelming feeling of being a new mom (which includes taking care of yourself, your family, and your baby), and, one new reason for most moms who have given birth during the pandemic, is for their family not to be able to see their baby. “Amari is growing up so fast and my own family can’t even be there with him as he grows up. He hasn’t met many of his titos (uncles,) his titas (aunts).”

Watch her video to get tips on how to deal with anxiety, which includes not being too hard on yourself and managing expectations.