Here’s how to make your own toy kitchen for only P500

Published May 18, 2021, 6:20 PM

by Jane Kingsu-Cheng

Not only is it cost-effective, it’s sustainable and earth-friendly, too!

Parents will do anything for their children, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t stay within their budget or even find more affordable options. Parents still have to be practical, especially when it comes to the toys they buy for their children.

First DIY toy kitchen

For 38-year-old Christine Olaso, she noticed that both her children Kinsley and Caiden took an interest in cooking. But since the first cardboard kitchen she made for her eldest was overused and a little run down already, she took it upon herself to make another one that could accommodate both her children. “Seeing them interested in cooking and the need for them to limit their time with gadgets inspired me to build this kitchen for them,” she tells Manila Bulletin Lifestyle.

When asked for further details on how she made this wonderful, sustainable, and eco-friendly toy kitchen for her children, Olaso didn’t hesitate to share, “Most of the materials are cardboard boxes, clear packaging tape, wallpaper, door knob, magnets with most of the items recycled from the stuff we had at home—more often, things that were just laying around with no other future purpose in sight.”

WOOD FINISHING. Olaso used wallpaper to wrapped all the carton to keep it waterproof, too!

She purchased additional items such as glue sticks, with an estimate of P500 spent on additional materials to build this toy kitchen that took a total of five days to finish. And it was so worth it when her two children saw the end result. “They were very excited,” she shares.

WHAT A KITCHEN. It comes with cabinets, an oven, even a dish rack, and condiments shelves.

“Just focus on what you really want and stick to one design so as you will not stray away from your vision,” she reminds parents and guardians who are planning to make a kitchen set (and more).