Bulacan gov't buys special freezer for Pfizer vaccines

Published May 18, 2021, 5:33 PM

by Freddie Velez

The provincial government of Bulacan received on Tuesday (May 18) a special freezer it purchased in preparation for the arrival of Pfizer COVID-19 vaccines that require low temperature storage.

ULTRA LOW-TEMPERATURE FREEZER FOR BULACAN –The provincial government of Bulacan purchases a new Haier Biomedical ultra-low temperature freezer in preparation for the arrival of Pfizer vaccines. (Bulacan Gov’t. / MANILA BULLETIN)

Governor Daniel R. Fernando said they acquired the Haier Biomedical ultra-low temperature freezer after they were instructed that the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine must be kept or stored in at least -94° Fahrenheit before administering two doses 21 days apart.

According to the vaccine makers, Pfizer’s architecture needs to be kept at a low temperature because Pfizer like Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine used mRNAs messenger Ribonucleic acid that introduces DNA instructions and a template to build a protein to trigger the body’s immune response against coronavirus disease 2019.

The Pfizer vaccines are quite fastidious, they must be kept for only 10 days and the dry ice must be replaced every five days for up to 15 days maximum before they are placed in the ultra-freezers.