OMG! Marjorie Barretto to marry again?

Published May 15, 2021, 6:29 PM

by Stephanie Bernardino

Actress-politician Marjorie Barretto recently teased her children about the possibility of her walking down the aisle anew.

They didn’t like the idea.

In a vlog, Marjorie celebrated Mother’s Day with her children Julia, Claudia, Leon, Erich, and Dani.

When her eldest daughter and love child with Kier Legaspi gave Marjorie a bundle of red roses, her only son teased her that she looks like she’s getting married.

“No way,” Marjorie said.

But her eldest daughter with Dennis Padilla could also be heard saying: “Wag na!”(Don’t)

Then the elder Barretto teased the latter and asked: “Can I get married, Julia?”

Julia didn’t answer but made a face.

“Okay na yan Ma,” Dani could be heard interjecting, to which Leon echoed the same sentiment. (That’s okay mom).

However, Marjorie pointed out that she doesn’t want to as well. 

“Ayoko mag-marry! Grabe kayo,” she said to her children. (I don’t want to get married. That’s too much).

Then she later teased, “…Pag nag-marry naman ako hindi na ako mag-anak. Medyo 47 na ako.” (If I get married, I cannot have a baby anymore. I’m already 47).

Watch here: