Mother’s day musings 

Published May 15, 2021, 12:36 AM

by Alex M. Eduque


Alex Eduque
Alex Eduque

Last weekend, we celebrated Mother’s Day, and although in my opinion one day is not enough to give thanks to our mothers, it is always a great reminder that they deserve to be pampered and shown love for all that they are to, and all that they do for us. In a time so uncertain and oftentimes ridden with so much skepticism and negativity, it was especially refreshing to see social media flooded with tributes and photos of very special women, as opposed to what has become the norm of vaccination roll-out updates, number of new COVID-19 cases, and anything to do with uncertainty and unrest. It reminded us that we all needed a breather of sorts, and whether or not we had the privilege of celebrating physically with our mothers, chosen to remain distant for the precaution of all, or celebrate the legacy of those who have gone ahead, that we are blessed to have (or to have had) loving and caring figures in our life.

The term motherhood, in the same way that “mother” has now evolved and transformed to be an umbrella term that covers so many different types, circumstances and situations. Of course the norm, and typically, the one who birthed us, reared us, nurtured us, and eventually becomes our best friend. There is the woman who mothered us in the (physical) absence of our biological mother; a caregiver, a yaya, a teacher, a mentor, an employer – the list goes on – who we may have a special rapport and relationship with. It has even extended to single fathers who have had to mother their children alone. At the end of the day, motherhood, although special, is no longer limited to your biological kin. In this day and age, your hearts calling, and generosity may lead you to look out for many others just the same. And these gestures do not make you less of a mother to someone than one who has birthed their own. In other words, motherhood is known by the heart.

Relationships between mothers and daughters as well as mothers and sons I have also come to find differs quite a bit, and varies among households. There are some that are feared (think the idea of the tiger mom), some who are but comforting and with a more carefree approach, others that are clad with bouts of love hate relationships, and some just steady and smooth sailing. There is no correct formula to parenting, or mothering, it turns out, and that is what makes it so special and unique. Whatever yours might be, count yourself blessed to have, or at least, to have had a mother, and/or a mother figure at some point in your life because (in my world at least) a mother’s love is one that knows no bounds, nor boundaries. It is one that readily leaps and loves without expecting anything in return.

So while there is one identified day of the year that is dedicated to mothers, at a time like this, let us make the conscious effort to celebrate them whenever we possibly can. Remind them of their worth – that their love, and all their hard work does not go unnoticed, and that they are but one of the biggest blessings – after all, for most of us, we would not exist without our mother.