CO-PARENTING MODELS: Jodi Sta Maria, Iwa Moto congratulate Thirdy Lacson as he moves up to senior high

Published May 15, 2021, 6:07 PM

by Stephanie Bernardino

Actresses Jodi Sta Maria and Iwa Moto are proud parents following Thirdy Lacson’s recent milestone.

On Instagram, Jodi was ecstatic.

“Anak, I know you told me not to post this kasi ayaw mo yung hair mo sa photo (gwapo ka parin anak) but I couldn’t help it!!! I am just so proud of you! It wasn’t easy but by the grace of God you made it,” she said. “Congratulations anak. 2 more years may college student na kami.”

“You are now a step closer to your dreams. I love you, Muy,” she added.

Jodi also thanked Thirdy’s teachers for their “patience.”

“I am grateful for your gentle guidance and willingness to help. Mabuhay kayo.”

Meanwhile, Pampi’s current partner also shared the same photo card on her social media account.

“Hi kuya! Congratulations anak! We are proud of you! Pasensya na kung nagger ako tuwing may need kang ipasang requirements. Hhahha. Next school year ulit maririndi ka na naman sakin hahhaa. But kidding aside We love you. see you soon babe. @iam.thrdy,” she quipped. “P.S. sana ganyan na lagi hair mo.”