Chinese envoy shares recipe of his favorite comfort food: oyster omelette

Published May 15, 2021, 9:59 AM

by Raymund Antonio

Having come from the Fujian province of China, Chinese Ambassador to Manila Huang Xilian has made it his goal to introduce Filipinos to Fujian dishes as borders remained close amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Chinese Ambassador to the Philippines Huang Xilian (Facebook/Manila Bulletin)

For his weekly #FlavorsFromHome series on Facebook, Huang posted about his “favorite comfort food.”

The Fujianese Oyster Omelette is a “savory dish is perfect as a light snack or as a main dish to pair with your warm cup of rice.”

“With 3 simple main ingredients – eggs, oysters, and potato flour, I’m sharing the recipe below so you can recreate this Fujian specialty for your family this weekend!,” the envoy said.

Huang said he noticed the oyster omelette is also a popular dish in the Philippines before proceeding to ask his followers whether they’ve tried the dish as well.

He shared social media cards of how to make an authentic oyster omelette, which is reminiscent of the Filipino torta, a savory dish that combines any kind of meat with garlic, onion, potato, carrot, and eggs before being fried in hot cooking oil.

Fujianese Oyster Omelette (Chinese Ambassador Huang Xilian/Facebook)

For the recipe of the oyster omelette, Huang said to use the freshest ingredients because they will make the dish “better than any oyster omelette you’ll taste in a restaurant.”

Last month, the Chinese envoy lamented about not being able to travel and eat “as much as we used to,” which is why he thought of sharing to his followers some of his favorite dishes from his hometown of Fujian, a province in the southeastern Chinese region known for its mountains and coastal cities.

He has already shared typical Chinese dishes such as cold cuts and Buddha Jumps Over the Wall Soup.