Andi Manzano recalls challenges of being a first-time mom

Published May 15, 2021, 9:46 AM

by Stephanie Bernardino

She looks fresh as a daisy but Andi Manzano admitted to having her fair share of “frustrations.”

A particular peeve is unsolicited mom advice.

The former radio jockey-TV host shared with Bulletin Entertainment,  “As a new mom you just want to do what’s best and you’ve read so much books, you’ve read so much blogs, heard so much advice and then somebody will say something. Siyempre parang you get so affected right away.”

The worse thing is that, sometimes, it comes from complete strangers on social media.

“Maybe they feel like, you know, like their (my children’s) Internet Titos or Titas na ‘We’re just giving you advice’ or simply help out but…”

It wasn’t easy but eventually she learned how to handle it.

“I just try and see the good in what they do and their ‘suggestions,’ I guess.”

“I know that some of them have good intentions naman, well, maybe some don’t, but I learned to block those and delete,” Andi added.

Andi married restaurateur and creative director GP Reyes in 2013.

They have two babies, Olivia, 6, and Amelia, 2.

Andi remembers getting a lot of comments as to her posting stuff about her kids.

Some even accused her of violating her children’s right, exposing them on social media.

She insists it’s now about simply “exposing” her babies but more of her being a “proud” mommy.

“I post because it makes me happy and, you know, like that’s your online space where you just want to share.”

But what about her kids’ privacy?

Andi pointed out that her children will decide for themselves someday.

“But, slowly like with Olivia, she has an Instagram page and I would keep posting a lot before but then as she grew up, parang I had to ask permission from her already. I said, ‘Can I post this photo of you? And sometimes when we do vlog and then she says ‘Mom, don’t include that part of the video.’ I’d be like, ‘Okay.’ So yeah, so by now I want her to have a say when it comes to the things that we share online and I think it really just starts there.”

In terms of what type of mom she is, Andi could be anything. 

She admits to sometimes being “strict” but she can also be “cool.”

She would switch from being a “helicopter” mom to a “tiger” mother from time to time.

“It comes out when it needs to,” was how she put it.

As for her disciplining techniques, they actually have certain rules at home like no lying, no hurting each other. And not following those rules will have corresponding punishments.

Andi is looking forward to her kids’ teenage years.

“I feel like the struggle will be in the next few years when they’re teenagers,” she quipped, laughing.  “I was also a teenager and I was medyo, not naman rebelde, but of course, I was like, I was not the perfect daughter. So I feel like it will come in the next few years — the struggle, but I’m sure my husband will take over.”

Andi headlined PLDT Home’s video series “#NoMomLikeYou” recently, with Camille Co and Marie Lozano.

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