69th MISS UNIVERSE DRAMA: Miss Myanmar fails to wear original national costume after suitcase with outfits got lost

Published May 15, 2021, 6:50 AM

by Robert Requintina

Miss Myanmar Ma Thuzar Wint Li

Miss Myanmar Ma Thuzar Wint Li, also known as Candy Thuzar, has revealed that she wasn’t able to wear her original national costume after her suitcase with outfits did reach Florida for the 69th Miss Universe Competition.

This was reported by nytimes.com in an article entitled “Miss Universe Myanmar arrives in Florida with a message for the junta” written by Richard C. Maddock on May 14.

A portion of the New York Times online article read:

“When Ms. Thuzar Wint Lwin arrived in Florida on May 7, she was told the suitcase with her outfits for the competition had been lost by the airline. Most contestants had already arrived and were busy rehearsing, making videos and having photo shoots. 

NOT ORIGINAL NATIONAL COSTUME: Miss Myanmar appears at the 69th Miss Universe national costume competition in a mix-and-match outfit provided by her countrymen in the US. Thuzar revealed that her suitcase containing her outfits, including her original national costume, did not reach Florida. (Photo by GMA News)

“As the week wore on, the bag still hadn’t arrived, but the pageant organizers were helping her with her gown, and other contestants were lending her outfits.

“Her national costume was among the missing items. People from Myanmar who live in the United States provided her with a stunning replacement of ethnic Chin origin. She wore it on Thursday to the applause of many in the crowd,” according to the article.

After using the 69th Miss Universe Competition as her platform to protest the military coup in her country, Thuzar is reportedly clueless as to where she will go after the competition because she was told she cannot return to Myanmar anymore.

“Soon after landing in Florida, she posted an autobiographical video  on Facebook that would be unusual for any beauty pageant contestant: It shows her wearing formal gowns mixed with scenes of people fleeing tear gas and a soldier shooting a man who rode by on a motorbike,” the article said.

“Myanmar deserves democracy,” she says in the video. “We will keep fighting, and I also hope that international communities will give us help that we desperately need.”

Thuzar Wint Lwin is an English student at the University of East Yangon and also a has a diploma in tourism and hospitality management from Star University in Myanmar.

Outside of school, Thuzar works as a professional model and beauty blogger. She enjoys helping other women with style because it helps build confidence.

Thuzar recently underwent lumpectomy surgery to to remove tumors from her breast. As a survivor, she works with local breast cancer awareness foundations to support patients and bring awareness to the cause. Thuzar believes that no matter how much struggle you face in life, perseverance and hope are the keys to overcome any obstacles.