The great riddle of a lover’s yearnings

Published May 14, 2021, 2:25 PM

by AA Patawaran

People do not grow old no matter how long we live. We never cease to stand like curious children before the great Mystery into which we were born.

—Albert Einstein
Illustration by Ariana Maralit

It’s just biology

         Genetics at play

         Psychology, linguistics, haptics

         The instinct for pleasure

                             for intimacy

                             for procreation

                             for evolution

It’s just chemistry

         Falling in love

         There is the pull of attraction

          There’s the desire to touch

                                        to kiss

                                        to devour 

                                        to ravish

It’s just physics

          The electromagnetic interaction of highly charged bodies

          Matter behaving very badly

          Craving action


                        a concatenation of the flesh

                        maybe multiplication

It’s all mathematics

          Coming together 

          A quest for attachments

          Seeking addition

                        diffusion that first requires reduction

                        as in two become one (and maybe multiply)

                        until spent energies necessitate division

It’s all science

           All evidence sought by the senses

           Acting out principles Einsteinian or Galilean

           All subject to the laws of the universe

                                  the fundamental interactions

                                  the forces of nature

                                  the theories pure and applied

It’s all an exploration

            A field of inquiry that seeks answers

             In numbers, in formulae, in procedure

             Where often there is none

                                           there is only ancient alchemy

                                           there is only mythology

                                           there is magic

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