New Motolite Excel excites car enthusiasts

Published May 14, 2021, 2:30 AM

by MB Technews

Communities of auto aficionados are abuzz with excitement over the release of the New Motolite Excel, which is now being regarded as the best battery in the market.

Motolite Excel
Social media posts of officers and members of the different car clubs in the country reflect their desire to have the New Excel installed in their vehicles and experience the power and benefits of a tropicalized battery that is made using German technology.
Motoring icon Mike Potenciano, an international race and rally veteran, also joined known auto enthusiasts in expressing their excitement to try the new Excel.
“Good news for car lovers: The battery that has been in our race cars since we tested it is back! Motolite has brought back their EXCEL model and improved from the original. Motolite assures us that this is their best battery ever, tropicalized for our weather conditions and uses German technology,” Potenciano wrote on his Facebook account.
He added: “As batteries are the storage medium of electrical energy in our much-loved cars, having a better performing one will boost our confidence that it will power up all the electronic stuff in our cars. The last thing we need during this pandemic is to worry about our car failing to start, stopping on the road, or worst, blowing up on the battery. Better buy the best Motolite out there and we have been using it since I can remember.”
Actor and TV host Ramon Bautista, also well known in the automotive circles particularly those who love to customize their cars to their liking, shared in his Facebook post the release of the new Motolite Excel, which he is raring to try because of its tropicalized application and German technology.
He said in jest that before, every time he and his friends would make modifications in their cars, their primary worry is if the vehicles would start apparently because of the additional power that they require.
Their prayers were answered by Motolite, Bautista said. “Buti na lang dininig ni Motolite and kaka-sana all naten at parang true love ang battery netong kotse ko…you know, pangmatagalan hihi para start agad sabay sibat dahil alam nyo naman kahit anong angas natin e isang tawag lang ni madam uwi tayo agad hihi.”
Designed according to the Philippines’ tropical climate and road quality, the new Motolite Excel has up to 50% longer life span than competing brands in the market when subjected to globally recognized tests on the effects of heat and vibrations on automotive batteries.